Understanding Agenda 2030

Only One Decade Left

Webinar 1: The path towards a sustainable world

We are joined by Eeva Furman, Andrea Russo and Blanca de Juan de Castro to receive a general introduction to what Agenda 2030 and the SDG are.

Webinar 2: The battle against poverty

We are joined by María Caso Escudero and Riccardo Rossi to discuss the prevalence of poverty and the state of the battle against it.

Webinar 3: Shaping a fairer world with SDG5 and SDG8

With the participation of Soraya Bahgat, Pukhraj Ranjan, Jaana Hirsikangas and Adriana Santanocito.

Webinar 4: Humankind, climate change and nature

We are joined by Sara Nyman, Federico Buyolo and Vanessa Rosano to discuss SDG 13 and 15.